Customer Service In The Online Age

Kathy W. | 11/19/2020

Customer Service in the Online Age

Online vendors often have an edge in pricing over brick-and-mortar printing companies, but in the age of online shopping customer service is more important than ever. Here are three important things to consider before you buy printing online:

  1. What options are available? Many online print shops are able to offer rock bottom prices by limiting options such as type of paper, ink, finishing, or quantity required for minimum order. Preferred Printing & Graphics offers options to suit your needs. We can show you paper samples and ink swatches as well as other similar pieces to help you refine your ideas.
  2. How will the vendor handle an issue with your print file? Will they alert you and offer solutions, or will they simply print the order? Our expert in-house prepress department will preflight your file, alert you of potential issues and correct them when possible, for your convenience. We’ll also provide you with a proof for approval before we print your order.
  3. How accessible is the vendor? Is it easy to get a helpful customer service rep on the phone? You may find it frustrating to navigate a website for information, especially if your specific questions or concerns aren’t addressed. Something simple can quickly become problematic if fast, direct communication is not available. At Preferred Printing & Graphics, one of our knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives personally answers each and every call received during business hours. They’ll promptly answer your questions and address any concerns.

When shopping for a print vendor, keep in mind that the best value is often found locally. In addition to low pricing, you’ll receive fine quality, superior customer service and the peace of mind that comes from a personal connection. We also offer free local pickup and delivery. Before you click on the SUBMIT ORDER button, contact us for a free quote.

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