What Type Of Files Should I Supply?

Preferred Printing & Graphics uses a PDF workflow, based on direct PDF file processing, so the best format for sending your files is PDF. PDF files are viewable, composite postscript files that can contain all font and graphics data. A PDF file conforming to commercial printing industry standards (created to maintain image clarity, reliable color reproduction and produce a quality printed piece) can greatly reduce the time it takes to process and proof those files. The preparation of the front end files is extremely important. If there are problems with color, transparency, fonts or resolution, those problems will be passed to the PDF file. This can make the PDF file yield unwanted results.

When making your PDF, please use Press-Quality settings, and choose CMYK for process color printing jobs. If you're using Pantone or spot colors, leave colors unchanged or "as is". Please note that spot color printing is not available in PDFs created with Microsoft Word or Publisher. PDF files created from Word or Publisher must be printed as either single color or full process color. Under "Marks and Bleed" select Crop Marks, Bleed Marks and Page Information. Do not select Registration Marks or Color Bars as we have our own color bars and registration marks that are specific to our presses. If your document bleeds off the edge of the sheet, make sure there is 1/8" bleed on all sides of your document and select "Use Document Bleed Settings" under "Marks and Bleeds" when making your PDF.

Native files are accepted; however you must provide all supporting files (fonts and images) used in your document if submitting native files. Graphics should be either vector (eps) files or high-resolution (300dpi or higher) image files (such as JPG or TIF). Low resolution files will detract from the quality of your final product, and we strongly caution against using them.

Your Customer Service Representative or one of the experts in our prepress department will assist you in determining the individual requirements of your project.

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